Hiring a Professional Cleaner to do End of Tenancy Clean Up

If getting your security deposit returned to you in full, after you move, is a priority, then hiring a professional cleaner or window cleaning in Kingston service may be the solution and answer you have been looking for. This is the wise choice for many now a days for several reasons.

Time. This is a great option for those professionals who just don’t have the time to do this the right way themselves. Time is money, after all and if you make $100/hour as a doctor for instance, it is not worth it to you to waste your valuable time doing this yourself when you can hire someone to do the cleaning for $10 per hour or a service for $20/hour.

Efficiency. Many people don’t do a good enough job cleaning to get back the money on their own. It is necessary after all one’s belongings are removed from the apartment, to: dust, vacuum, sweep, mop, clean the refrigerator, oven, wipe out and empty all the cabinets, shelves, scrub down the bath room, including toilet, tub and sink. All nails, pictures need to be removed from walls. In essence the place needs to look as it did when the tenant got it. If it doesn’t, one will need to pay for any damages such as a broken light fixture.

This will come out of your security deposit.

Convenience. Many don’t enjoy cleaning. For others perhaps they can’t cleanly well due to a disability of some sort or because they are elderly. Hiring someone is a far more convenient alternative. Most services and pros even come with their own cleaning supplies and equipment at no additional cost to you. Steaming the carpets is a possible service offered, using their steam cleaner for example.

Professionalism. A professional does this for a living and knows what a landlord expects. Most likely he/she or the service as done this kind of job many times before. For roughly $80, one could get the apartment cleaned in four hours immaculately so can get security back in full. That is a small price to pay to have peace of mind that one will definitely get back one’s money!

After the job is done, it is a good idea to return to the apartment and take some photos of how left place to protect oneself in case landlord claims left place a mess. This can avoid disputes in the future. Cleaning service or person and what was done exactly should also be provided to the landlord so that they don’t repeat what has already been done. If do these things, ones transition to their next place will go a lot smoother.

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